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WDMCC_Final File_Red


Club Secretary / Membership - Jo Leek - 07772 900756


(for more details about the club and becoming a member)

Club Chairperson - Steven Leek - 07736 177885  -



Media Co-Ordinator--Richard Blyth - 07905 971381  -

If you want to become involved in supporting the club or advertising at events


Media Protocol for 2024 Motocross Events


For 2024 we will be changing our Media Process for Photographers and Videographers wishing to go trackside at Blaxhall.


All Media Personnel wishing to go trackside will be required to £2 Million Public Liability to cover Photography/Videography.


As an addition for the Dirt Store MXGB ACU British Motocross Championship, all Media wishing to go trackside must have a current DBS certificate, this is a new requirement from RHL/ACU for the Championship.


Finally, members of the Media Must apply to Track Access by email to with a copy of your Public Liability and DBS Certificate (if required) on the Friday one week prior to Club events, and Friday two weeks prior for ACU British Motocross Championship.



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